Film 4 Fun is a Romanian Comedy Film Festival that will celebrate this year its 12th edition. The previous editions honored Romanian actors, writers and directors that used humor as a surviving tool during the communist regime and first post-revolution decade.

Film 4 Fun is scheduled between 30 July - 2 August in Sinaia, a popular vacation resort city in Carpathian Mts and only 1:30 hours from Bucharest, the biggest city and capital of Romania.

Film 4 Fun Festival, now on its twelveth year running, is an annual international film festival dedicated to film makers from all over the world.

The goal of the festival is to bring in the first place the cinema like a shape of entertainment, but also the facility of the public to participate to this cultural event.

During the festival, there will be also cultural activities like: Masterclass, Workshop- makeup special effects, photography exhibition and so on.

Film 4 Fun Festival is organized by Cine Remember Foundation.

Cultural knowledge is essential for the personal development of children, teenagers and young people, actually of the entire society. Culture must be perceived as an important part of the formation of each young person and regarded as one of the essential aspects of their education.

The Cine Remember Foundation was born in 2008 on the initiative of a group of professionals with experience in Cinematography. Our stated aim is to promote Romanian films and the new generations of filmmakers, in an attempt to bring back the audience in the movie theatres.

The experience of the past few years shows that the evolution of the Romanian Cinema is once again in a winning streak, after a long period of bare survival in a sea of neglect. The standards are raised year after year, with the participation in international or local film festivals and with each award won.

We are now witnessing a clear change of generations. Young filmmakers that have just graduated from university, now need some support in their efforts to show their talent and professionalism, while encouraging competition and imposing new quality standards.

Dear friends,

Final countdown for the 12th edition of the International Film Festival FILM 4 FUN! My name is Laura Baron and I am the Founder and the Director of the festival and it’s my great pleasure to welcome you all on our official website. During 30 July - 02 August 2020, Sinaia will host numerous cinematographic premieres, photo exhibitions and guests from the national and international Film Industry.

With the great joy of meeting you in Sinaia and deeply grateful for your participation,

Kindest regards,

Laura Baron

Founder Festival Director